Using our natural deodorant allows for a healthier hygiene routine. There are no toxins, chemicals, or harmfrul fragrances that have been known to ly lead to cancer, liver, or kidney damage. Our  natural deodorants are made with natural ingredients that are not harmful to our bodies and are indeed healthy!


No Aluminium. No Parabens. No chemical fragrances. No harsh chemicals.  


Here, we have options. You can choose the traditional roll on deodorant option OR you can use the finger dip method. This method allows you to dip your finger in the deodorant and spread where needed. 


Please review our Essential Oils tab to customize your scents. 


You can pair our natural deodorants with our natural armpit detox (that doubles as a detoxifying clay mask). 


Why a detox?

- most commerical deodorants have harmful toxins and chemicals that need to be withdrawn from our armpits for the natural deodorant to work best


Check out our armpit detox & clay face mask! 

Natural Deodorant

  • Please keep in a cool area  (a cupbard is fine) to prevent natural ingredients from melting. If you live in a warmer climate, please keep deodrant in the refrigerator. 

    • Complete an armpit detox if you have not used natural deodorant before
    • Armpit detox/clay mask is found within our shop. Don't forget to add it today!