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How to Refill & Return Containers

Refill Station: Send, Fill, Receive!


We believe in sustainability!

In our effort to make a smaller carbon footprint, we use reusable glass containers for all of our product items. 

Below is our return process to refill your items and have them sent back to you:

The Sustainable Way! 

Return Containers

Ship or
Curbside Drop-off

Please send your containers back via mail to:

Marie et Bernie
1379 Park Western Drive #413
San Pedro, CA 90732

Or Call 323-347-1903 to arrange for curbside drop-off

Container Sanitation

We sanitize & disinfect

We thoroughly sanitize and disinfect with solution that includes 70%+ Isopropyl Alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide (H202). 

Our sanitizing process destroys the essential components of germ cells while deactivating a wide range of microorganisms included bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Refill & Resend 

Product Refill & Free Shipping

After sanitation, we will refill your order and then provide FREE Shipping to you as a bonus for helping us reuse, reduce, and up-cycle!