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Bathroom Cleaner

I highly recommend!!!

Asia A, Murfreesboro (TN)

Dishwashing Detergent & Rinse

My old detergent left residue and dried water spots on my dishes, but once I started using the detergent cubes and liquid rinse, the residue and spots stopped.

I would definitely recommend. 

Kai L, Los Angeles (CA)

Whipped Body Butter

Two days after my pedicure unfortunately my callouses came back. I've tried socks with lotion, hand buffers and nothing worked until I used the Whipped Lemon Butter!

After a week my feet are smooth and smell great - Now I can rub my feet on my beau. Thank you!

Shatriece W, Long Beach (CA)

Reusable Disinfectant Wipes Set

Used the wipes for the first time today. Smells like something my grandma used. And have only used it to wipe down the inside of the refrigerator and it worked great! Love it! 

Pertula R, Damascus (MD)

Wood Pencil and Notebook

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Hand Soap

With the pandemic, my hands were so dry from washing them so many times a day. This hand soap is truly a blessing. My hands feel softer and more moisturized after each was,if that's even possible. I highly recommend!

Toni L, Inglewood (CA)

Mother's Day Bundle

Mother's Day I received the wonderful treat of some personal care products. 

The products I was gifted smell delicious and I have loved using them! We will definitely be ordering more!!

Dounglass-Anne C, DeSoto (TX)

Bathroom Cleaner

I highly recommend!!

For the first time, I actually ENJOYED scrubbing my tub! The peppermint bath scrub that I ordered not only helped me to clean my shower spotless, but the refreshing peppermint smell was so much more relaxing than the toxic scent of my usual scrubbing bubbles. My whole bathroom smelled divine when I was done!

Asia A, Murfreesboro (TN)

Natural Body Scrub

For my birthday, I was gifted the natural body scrub and it was fantastic! 

I have dry skin (eczema) and using this body scrub, infused with avocado oil and my favorite jasmine scent, had just the nourishing and relaxing feel I needed to sooth my skin. It moisturized my skin while also scrubbing off any dead dry skin. 

Kim I, Boston (MA) 


Natural Deodorant

My favorite product is the natural deodorant!

I have had a long journey in seeking out a good deodorant that works and does not give me a rash. I have insanely sensitive skin and I once tried baking soda and lemon, which worked great, but it caused me to get a rash.

This deodorant is long-lasting, and I am not going lie, there have been many a COVID day that I pushed it to its 24-hour limit.

The scent is very neutral and is another big reason I like it, this product is great for people who are scent sensitive.

Ruthie M, Van Nys (CA)

Bath Salt & Soak

Let me tell you, this bath salt and soak is amazing!

I don't know how much I'm supposed to use but I keep tipping the jar because it smells so good. A nice blend of lavender and rosemary leaves me and the bathroom smelling nice. With both me and my spouse sitting and soaking we'll have to order some more soon.

Thanks to Marie et Bernie Mom and Kid duo for making these challenging days seem a bit more hopeful.

Amber C, DeSoto (TX)

In summary, we would say that the love that goes into these products is abundantly clear. it is the same way you eat a homecooked meal and can taste the love that has gone into it.

Buying Marie Et Bernie products makes us feel good that we are keeping unnecessary toxins out of our lives and supporting an amazing small business, without breaking the bank.

Also, the reduced carbon footprint this company has on the environment with its recycling program makes us happy and is just another reason to buy these products. I, Danni never writes reviews, normally only write reviews if I really love or hate something, and these products are in a class of their own. I cannot wait to get some refills and try some of the other goodies I haven't gotten to just yet!

Danni & Ruthie, San Diego (CA)