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Our Story

We are Marie et Bernie

Marie et Bernie is respectfully named after our grandmothers: Marie and Bernice aka Bernie. They possessed a wisdom of what we today call: sustainable living that we wanted to maintain and uphold.

Inspired by our grandmothers, our home underwent a journey towards a more chemical free lifestyle. It was here we realized that curating our own home and personal care products, from all natural materials, was not only healthy for our family, but for Mother Earth.

Together, Eli and myself, began Marie et Bernie so that we can spread this sustainable lifestyle with the world promoting and supporting responsible consumption and waste reduction in people’s every daily lives. We like to call it a gift from them, through us, to you!

Our Online Sustainable Product Store & Refill Station continues in our grandmothers’ eco-footprints by offering eco-friendly, ethnically sourced, and all natural products for everyday living.

Check out our product catalogue of handmade and naturally curated products and join our community of environmentally aware customers!